Style your Bookshelf like a Pro

Bookshelves can take up a good amount of space in a home and wherever they are, they become the point of focus. Since, they draw attention styling them may seem intimidating! So, here are few tips and tricks to simplify the process of styling our bookshelves.

1. Liven it up with Greenery

Indoor plants add a pop of colour and have huge amounts of health benefits such as improving indoor air quality. This is the easiest way to add dimension to your shelf styling. If you are an invidual who doesn’t have a green thumb, you may add in a few artificial plants instead.

Style your Bookshelf like a Pro

2. Leave Blank spaces

Although you may have truckloads of books and have the urge to display them all, try to handpick a few of the ones that you truly love and mix them with other decorative items while leaving some white space. Try not to fill the shelves with a lot of little things, it’s breaks the balance which makes it seem like clutter.

Style your Bookshelf like a Pro

3. Colour Code

Choose one or two colours that can be used in a repetitive manner throughout the bookshelf. This will create the impression of cohesiveness which is soothing to the human eye rather than tons of colours colliding randomly. Every shelf may also bring about their own colour scheme if that looks good to you. Or you may also adopt a very mellow, neutral, non-colour scheme by turning your books backward.

Style your Bookshelf like a Pro

4. Break the Monotony

Layer your books, bring depth and visually break up the space by stacking some, then laying some flat and leaning some. You can also arrange books in increasing or decreasing orders of their height. This interplay of heights and depths can ignite interest and allure the eye.

Style your Bookshelf like a Pro

5. Add a touch of You

Add in stuff that is meaningful to you. It could be an artwork or a little photo frame. Or maybe it’s a souvenir from a trip or phase of your life that you cherished. Or do something a little different. Add in something that completely stands out, or fully blends in, if that’s what you want your bookshelf to showcase. Make it your masterpiece, go right ahead and create it!

Style your Bookshelf like a Pro

BONUS – Look at the Bigger Picture

Now step back and look at what you’ve created – Do you love it? Does it look like a work of art? Does it stand out and serve as the focal point in the room? Make changes if the bigger picture doesn’t make the cut and move a few things around so it balances out on both sides.

Style your Bookshelf like a Pro

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