We’re an Interior design firm based in Bengaluru, India.

Our Story

"Your home/workplace is not just a roof, but an emotion you identify with". We, at Innches Interiors, are committed towards building commercial and residential spaces that fulfill you. With personalised touch and due diligence, we strive to transform your dreams into reality. From conception to execution, our constant endeavour is to be perpetually be engaged providing only but the best results for you.
Having focused on a variety of Residential, Commercial, and Retail projects over the years, Innches has come a long way from its conception. Our arduous passion for becoming a complete design consultancy, allows us to offer attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. We now serve customers all over India, and are thrilled that we are able to turn our passion into reality.


Through our designs, we believe have the power to transform lives. Our Social Mission compels us to use our Company in innovative ways to make the world a better place.

our goals

Our top goal is to provide a hassle-free experience to all our customers. To become the World's most trusted Interior Design Brand is something we are constantly striving toward.

our values

Quality service is our utmost priority. We believe in focusing on the user and all else will follow. Our other core values include integrity, teamwork, passion, consistency and commitment to customers.

Meet Our Founders

Meenakshi Agrawal


As a Co-Founder and Principal Designer at Innches, Meenakshi draws inspiration from nature to curate unique and modern spaces.
Meenakshi’s journey includes collaborating with renowned design firms across India before venturing into Innches. She served as a PAN India Design Head for Future Group at Hometown. Understanding diverse perspectives and preferences across different cities, cultures and People, Meenakshi brought to the table the understanding of how local nuances influence design choices. Her experience with Homelane, a renowned interior design firm, further enriched her understanding of sales and marketing. Having worked for over 18 years in the Design Industry, Meenakshi’s multi-layered experiences and approaches on new perspectives of color theory and design metaphors have enabled Innches to stand out in all their projects.
At Innches, we believe that every space tells a story, and Meenakshi ensures that each detail is beautifully crafted. Her design philosophy revolves around blending functionality with aesthetics, creating harmonious environments that resonate with the essence of nature.

Prathap Kumar n


Prathap, Co-Founder and Principal Designer at Innches, brings a unique blend of creativity and practicality to the table. His journey began as a Civil Engineer facilitating a deep understanding of structural elements, space planning, and materials.
Prathap’s empathetic nature allows him to understand people’s perspectives, fostering trust and collaboration. Before founding Innches, Prathap held notable positions at RD&M Architects, Future Group (Hometown), and Livspace, where he honed his skills in sales, marketing, and team management. He brings with him the wealth of his 18+ years of experience in crafting functional spaces. His resilience and passion for music and nature consistently infuse fresh perspectives into every project. Thus equipping him with the understanding of the ability to make decisive choices even under pressure.
We, at Innches, believe in an environment that is unique & personal and delivering with emphasis on quality and value. Prathap’s vision is to create spaces that resonate with both aesthetics and functionality, leaving a lasting impact on clients. His commitment to excellence drives success, one beautifully crafted space at a time.

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