Place Artwork like a Pro in 5 easy steps

One way to enhance your space is to add artwork on to your wall. Artwork can tie all the elements of the interior design together. It allows you to evoke emotions in a room while also showing off your tastes and interests. However, arranging artworks on a blank wall can be intimidating.

Have you ever been puzzled about how high you’re supposed to hang artwork on your wall so that its placement elevates the overall look of the space? Or how far apart you must place the frames from one another so that it brings about balance in the space?

These are a few things to keep in mind while adding art to your space and we’re going to share all the designer tips with you today!

1. Choose the Right Wall or Corner

To begin with, picking where the artwork should be hung is the first decision you need to arrive at. Huge walls need to be filled with artwork. In such cases, you can opt to choose between a large-sized artwork or a bunch of regular-sized or small artwork to mimic a gallery wall. Areas near the windows or doors can be used to place tiny pieces of art.

2. Place the Artwork at Eye-Level

Secondly, the center of the artwork should be about 57 to 60 “innches” from the floor as this is the average eye-level height and can thereby add to the essence of your space. If the room has a low ceiling, or in a living room, it is a better option to hang the artwork a little lower as the occupants in these cases are often sitting or their eye level isn’t as high.

How to Place Artwork aesthetically

3. Propotion the Artwork to Furniture elements around

The artwork should be placed 6 to 8 “innches” above the furniture as placing the artwork too high from the furniture can make it look disconnected from the furniture thereby alienating the artwork from the other elements in the space.

Another common mistake we see is when art is just way too small for the space.  In order to ensure balance in the space, the artwork should fill at least two-thirds of the furniture width -wise.

4. Space your frames correctly

If there are multiple frames from a single art piece, placing the frames 3 to 4 “innches” apart from each other will help the person looking at the artwork to see it as a single entity.

5. Lean it against the wall

Lastly, hanging isn’t the sole way to showcase your artwork. Think differently and place wall art in the most unexpected places. Don’t limit yourself to just the walls! Floating wall shelves are the new gallery wall! Try layering multiple pieces for an interesting and multidimensional approach. And if you have a very large art piece, consider propping it against the wall instead of hanging it for a more relaxed and contemporary look. You can even place stretched canvases or framed artwork on your tabletops. This creates a casual look and also gives you the ease to rearrange and redecorate more often without damaging the walls.

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